The first BeestFeest of a new year is always in cooperation with Stichting RAGweek Nijmegen. The RAGweek is an annual week in which students raise money for charity. The charity differs each year. We as BeestFeest also like to help out with raising money for the RAGweek. That is why for the first BeestFeest of the new year, we transform the purple hall into a hall where you can request songs for charity. The requested songs will then be played by the DJ(s) in the purple hall.

If you want to request a song for charity, you can do so by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the outside of the purple hall where board members of Stichting RAGweek are sitting at a table.
  2. Tell them the song you would like to request (and optionally also the artist) and tell them the amount of money you would like to “bid” on your song. All this money goes to charity.
  3. Donate the amount you offered at the table. You will now see your song appear on our special RAGweek webpage. The webpage will be displayed in the purple room as well. Other songs will also appear here, the higher the amount of money you donated, the higher your song will stand in the ranking.
  4. You can optionally higher your “bid” by asking the RAGweek board members and donating more money.
  5. Your song will be deleted from the queue when it has been played.